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We love Nightly Beauty™ as a decadent hot chocolate, but for warm weather climates or if you just need a change of pace, here are some options for you to keep it interesting and stay beautiful! *Remember if you prefer non-dairy, use your favorite alternative as a substitute and whisk up your beauty drink with rice, almond, or soy milk.

Nightly Decadent Treats

Who knew beauty could taste so good?
Whip up this spicy favorite treat, taking in that amazing ginger bread aroma
A fizzy fusion straight from Italy, one of our favorite beautiful places on earth
Coffee and decadent chocolate merge to icy perfection
Savory liquors make this infused with coffee and cream a decadent dream
These tasty chocolate infused gelatin squares melt in your mouth.
Get your glow on with these delicious basics made to taste
Perfect size for that Nightly treat, make enough for the month and freeze them for easy access

Pampering Luxurious Holidays

Get your glow on Sophisticated flavors you'll love!
Let’s face it, sometimes we just need one
Pamper yourself with our Madagascar vanilla version of your favorite holiday drink
A creamy, delicious blend you’ll probably want to make a double batch of.
A dreamy concoction layered with your favorite nuts and berries
A warm inviting version of a popular spiced chocolate blend, stir with cinnamon stick and serve
A luxurious silky addition to dress up your holiday fruit platters or drizzle over your favorite ice cream.
Perfectly sweetened, this rum and brandy blend is topped with grated nutmeg

Exotic Summer Indulgences

Sweet nights... beautiful days
Yummy raspberries or blackberries, mixed with summer fruits create this tantalizing summer treat
Indulge yourself and your senses with this refreshing icy concoction
Dreamy whipped frosting for your favorite home baked mini cupcakes
Exotic island blend that is sure to make you think you’re on vacation
Find your bliss, brew chai tea for added flavors to this iced summer essential
Choose your favorite cookies for this very unique green tea ice cream
Renew yourself with whole fruits blended to perfection

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