Natural Summer Beauty

April 10, 2012

As we head into the summer months, makeup has gone all natural. This summer seasons trends combines both natural and light colors as wells natural makeup products, making your makeup routine easy to do and great for your skin. Beauty Foods’ all-natural, gluten free beauty drink has a few prefered products, tips and tricks to guide you through this seasons sun kissed looks.

Nude Face with Skin Botanica: ($45): With temperatures rising, Skin Botanica’s Colorescience Pro Sheer Foundations protects and nourishes your skin while evening out your complexion and provides an accurate color match. With eight shades to choose from, your face will feel light and moisturized.

Tip: After washing and moisturizing your face, use a foundation brush to apply your foundation. Lightly put a small amount of the foundation on the back of your hand and dab the foundation brush into the foundation. Starting with the center of your face and work outward making sure to evenly distribute the foundation to all parts of your face.

Sun Kissed Cheeks with Vapour Multi-Use Blush: ($28) After a dry, sunless winter it is time to put some color in those cheeks. Vapour’s Multi-Blush created from natural mineral pigments with certified organic ingredients, this blush is easy to use and is as easy to apply as lip gloss. Their Courtesan, Crush and Torch colors will provide your skin with the sun kissed look so popular this season.

Tip: Apply from the laugh line all the way to apple of the cheek and blend with your fingers. To pull the look further together, apply along the hairline up onto the temple and to the chin making sure to use your fingers to blend.

High Shine Lips with Lite N Glossy: ($24) The sun does its biggest damage to your lips in the summer, but with Lite N Glossy, the only lip gloss that naturally heals, hydrates and protects with vitamin e, sweet almond oil, natural jojoba and medical grade lanoli your lips will stay beautiful and hydrated through the dry months. Additionally, Lite N Glossy features a built in mirror and LED application light so you can apply flawlessly no matter what time of day.

Tip: When picking a lip gloss color, you never can go wrong with a natural pink. If you are feeling bold, go for bright colors like a Party Girl Pink or a Bright Orange.

Pastel Eyes with Jane Iredale: ($52) Colorful eyes bring a look together, but this seasons trend doesn’t call for more than a dash of color. With Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Eye Shadow Kit there are five soft, shimmer pastel colors that look beautiful for any eye color.

Tip: Using your eyeshadow brush, apply your pastel eye shadow up to and along the eyebrow. For a real natural look, don’t use eyeliner, just a dark mascara.

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