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Oct 15, 2012

Hair is a barometer of your inner health, the secret to lustrous locks lies in the cut, condition, and color. Banish bad hair days and make your hair a beauty priority.

First determine the kind of hair you have and then create an effective maintenance regime that works for you.

Normal – A basic regime will work, and for the best hair stay out of the sun, avoid harsh chemicals, and all of those hot styling tools that we can’t live without. Try on occasion to let your hair dry naturally and it will thank you for it.

Dry – Can be the result of poor nutrition, chemical treatments, over-exposure to the sun. Try leave in conditioners, these are designed to help retain moisture and add shine. You can also use a hydrating hair mask or treatment once a week. Hair masks have superior conditioning properties above and beyond normal conditioners.

Greasy – Can be the result of harsh hair care products and stress. Coloring can be beneficial as the process changes the porousness of the hair and drinks up the oil. Experts say the trick is to add oil as your scalp will correct the imbalance – massage 10 drops of jojoba oil into your scalp, leave in for 15 minutes and follow with good shampoo.

Use a mild PH balanced shampoo as they will not strip your hair of its natural essential oils. Not all hair types require conditioner, but for most conditioner is needed just as cream is applied to the skin, hair needs the moisture to keep your locks cuticles in shape and well maintained. If you’re hair is color treated, use a color treated conditioner to help lock in the color pigments once or twice a week.

Take care of your precious hair with natural bristle brushes that are the least damaging for normal hair types. If you have a thick head of hair, be grateful – but use a natural and synthetic combination brush. If you have curly hair, you really shouldn't "brush" it. Brushes break up the curl families and make it frizzy. Katherine Williams, Professional Stylist recommends using your fingers as a comb in the shower while conditioner is in the hair, eliminating any tangles. When out of the shower wring out any excess water and instead of using a terrycloth towel (which acts like velcro on curly hair and raises the cuticle up) use jersey material like a t-shirt to eliminate excess water.

Flat brushes and round brushes are the best styling tools. Vent brushes allow the air to circulate faster and will help you if you’re short on time in the drying department.
Regularly wash brushes and combs with hot soapy water and let them air-dry naturally.

Investing in a good haircut is worth every penny! Talk to your professional hairdresser about the shape of your face and skin tone to determine the best cut styles and color options to compliment your personal style. For the best results, let the professionals do the work for you. Salons make you feel glamorous and it’s a relaxing, transforming experience that is good for the soul.

The condition of your hair, just like that of your skin, is determined by your inner health. The stresses and strains of life take their toll and lackluster tresses probably mean that you are missing key nutrients to support a healthy mane. You can achieve healthy looking hair with a diet rich in key vitamins as well as taking a multi-vitamin daily will maintain hair health.

Hair issues can be attributed to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Lack of B vitamins can contribute to dandruff and balding, and the missing iron in your diet can make your hair dull and brittle.

Our “Beauty Cocktail” of vitamins inside Nightly Beauty was designed to work strictly on the hair, skin, nails, and bone health. Biotin, Magnesium, and Vitamin E all work together to help give you healthy, strong hair.

Wash hair every third day to ensure a good balance of natural oils (washing too often can result in greasy hair)

Never wash your hair in bath water

If your brushes or combs have broken teeth or bristles, you should replace them as prolonged use will tear your hair shaft

Over-brushing can tear and weaken the hair shaft

Massage your scalp in the shower to help boost circulation, improve hair health, and reduce stress

Use cold water to rinse your hair, this will close the cuticles, ensuring all over hair shine

Never towel dry as it removes the moisture and destroys the elasticity of your hair. Gently squeeze out excess water with your fingertips and then blot the hair with a towel.

Wet hair is susceptible to damage, so instead of using a brush – always use a wide toothed comb to work through tangles. If you have fine hair and the tangles are treacherous, use any detangler spray prior to combing out.

If your hair is dull and lifeless, try changing your shampoo and conditioner. Prolonged use of the same products can cause a residue build up on the hair shaft

Do you wake up with bed head every morning?
Use a silk or satin pillowcase, it helps to keep hair in place. Hair moves smoothly over those soft luxurious fabrics, whereas cotton causes friction and frizz. We want you to wake up beautiful!

Katherine Williams — Profesional Stylist
Round Rock, TX.

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