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Oct 15, 2012

Skin should be a prized asset, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, regular exercise and a comprehensive beauty regime are all essential to maintain flawless skin.

Like hair, you must first determine the kind of skin you have and then treat it accordingly. To make skincare simple, identify your skin type and then address the needs as follows:

Normal – A basic regime will work to maintain it’s natural balance of even tone, smooth texture, no visible pores or blemishes, and no greasy or flaky areas. Use chamomile water to refresh and tone skin after cleansing.

Dry – Can be prone to sensitivity. Use moisture rich products such as a cream or oil based cleansers. For a toner that will help dry skin the best, use rose water. Dryness can also be aggravated by environmental conditions like wind, air-conditioning and extreme temperatures, so avoid these whenever possible. Use a humidifier or place a bowl of water on your desk, either will increase the moisture in the air.

Oily – Generally results in spots and blemishes. Avoid harsh products that will strip your skin of your natural oils to excess. To cleanse oily skin use oil based products as they work with the oil in your skin effectively. Use oil-fee moisturizes to maintain a shine free complexion. If you like to use a toner, witch hazel is ideal for this type of skin. This skin type has a small bonus, it ages at a slower rate than other skin types.

Sensitive – Commonly delicate, dry and prone to allergic reactions. Alcohol, detergents, cosmetics, creams can all cause irritation, leaving the skin red and blotchy. Choose fragrance free products that do not contain allergens. Use dermatologist recommended products that are free of irritants. Simple cleansing routine using Cetaphil products is always doctor recommended for problem skin.

Exfoliate your skin every few days. Your skin is constantly producing new skin cells and shedding old ones. The process slows down with age and can cause a dull and lifeless complexion. Exfoliating stimulates the skin and helps circulation. How to easily select the right exfoliator for you – match the granule size in the scrub to the size of your pores. A chunky exfoliator is good for large pores and small fine grains work on smaller pores.

Use a mask once a week. To best determine what type of mask is best for you, keep in mind the following – mud or clay based masks are ideal for deep cleansing. Gel based masks will remove dead cells and dirt. Cream masks are beneficial for dry and aging skin. Oily and problem skins should use sulpher based masks. When you are pushed for time you can find a mask that is 10 minutes or less. When you have a weekend devoted to beauty, you can make your own masks and pumpkin is a great ingredient to incorporate into your home mask recipe.

Your skin changes as you age. In your 20’s your skin is at it’s best (usually after those dreadful teenage years). In your 30’s cell turnover decreases and lines and wrinkles become more obvious. In your 40’s the protective barrier on the skin surface becomes less effective at retaining moisture. In your 50’s cell turnover decreases by nearly 50% and the skin’s outer layer becomes less resilient.

There are two types of skin ageing intrinsic (natural and beyond our control) and extrinsic (environmental and within our grasp to change). There are currently some simple procedures which give results similar to a facelift. The following can help get that flawless complexion.

MASSAGE, MUSCLE TONING, & THE ACUPUNCTURE FACELIFT – All great ways to rebalance your body’s energy flow and improve the appearance of the skin, tone the facial muscles and help with circulation.

LINE FILLERS, CHEMICAL PEELS, & LASER RESURFACING – All work for specific needs. While line fillers are temporary, to maintain the effects, continued treatments are essential. Chemical peels administered by dermatologists or doctor’s use high concentrates of alpha hydroxy acids and is for damaged or mature skins. It can be painful, but does result in younger, smoother skin. Laser resurfacing is a great alternative to surgery. It is non-invasive and removes the outer damaged layers of skin and also treats age spots and uneven skin tone. Within six weeks it will have healed completely.

ANTIOXIDANTS – Free radicals are constantly attacking your skin and are accelerating premature ageing. Vitamins E & C and beta-carotene are anti-oxidants that help put a stop to free radical activity. The role of anti-oxidants is to diminish free radicals as they form, preventing them from doing damage within the body. Topical anti-oxidants will help protect the skin from environmental factors, while anti-oxidants taken orally via supplement or from foods help to neutralize the oxidation process. Anti-oxidants are an integral part of any anti-ageing regime.

Get sufficient sleep as the skin’s cellular repair activity is at its most optimum during this resting phase. Get the most out of your beauty sleep with our special blend of Alpha Calming Waves - L-Theanine, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf, passion flower, hops, valerian root and collagen. Clinical research proves significant and enduring improvement of skin conditions when ingested orally vs. temporary improvement from topical applications.

Keep your lips hydrated with lip balms that nourish the skin (beeswax, vitamin E, cocoa butter), only use lip protectants (those waxy balms that leave residue on your lips) when going out into harsh environmental conditions.

Remember to incorporate sunscreen into your moisturizing routine. Although we need to protect our skin from the damaging UV sun rays, we also need to make sure we’re getting our daily dose of vitamin D, an essential nutrient to optimal overall health.

If you have puffy eyes, use moistened refrigerated green tea bags on each eye for about 10 minutes.

If you have dark patches on your elbows or knees, sprinkle sugar onto a half of a lemon and rub onto the area to exfoliate and lighten the skin

Wake up with smoother skin on your face. Add a teaspoon of alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator to your usual nighttime moisturizer. It will work on those dead skin cells while you’re getting your beauty sleep.

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